Top 5 Foods For Killer Immunity

A healthy and strong immune system is essential to protect the body against the aggressive invasions of harmful germs, viruses, infections, fungus and even the harmful cellular activities of free radicals that make our body vulnerable to diseases like cancer. The immune system is responsible for creating over 10 million antibodies, which are active proteins that require the regular consumption of aggressively powerful nutrients and energizing minerals.

Research reveals that an unhealthy and processed diet is the biggest reason that weakens our immune system and makes our body vulnerable to germs. A wholesome diet comprising of natural foods is the ultimate key to boosting up the strengths of the immune system. And we’ve picked out 5 powerful immunity boosting foods for you to add up to your daily diet.

Here, take a look:

1. Tea

Tea flushes out all the dirty debris, harmful germs and damaging toxins from our body. You see, the human body has to practically battle against the attacks of germs. Research reveals that when a healthy immune system succeeds in fighting off all the invading germs and begins the process of repairing the damage they have caused, it naturally creates certain damaging compounds, which are called free radicals.

These free radicals are powerful enough to impose severe damage to our cells and their DNA, along with quickening the process of aging, and putting us at risk for life-threatening ailments like cancer. However, we can combat against these free radicals by brimming up your daily diet with antioxidants. You can always obtain antioxidants from fruits and veggies, but if you want to obtain a powerful and overwhelmingly high dose, you must turn towards black and green tea. They pack up far more antioxidants as opposed to any vegetable or fruit offered by nature.

So, don’t forget to relax yourself with a hot energizing cup of restorative teas for a powerful antioxidant fix. Research reveals that jiggled tea bags release far more protective polyphenols, one of the most potently powerful antioxidants, as opposed to sedentary tea bags. The trick is to keep bobbing the tea bag up and down until you feel all its contents nicely dissolved into your brew.

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