Protein in Urine Linked to Increased Risk of Memory Problems and Dementia

A recent study just revealed that the presence of protein in urine is linked to a slightly higher risk of developing dementia and cognitive problems.

The study further reveals that the presence of protein in urine also suggests kidney damage, and individuals with this problem also have a higher risk of developing memory damage, thinking impairments and dementia.

The medical experts conducting this study reviewed several studies that link up kidney damage and illnesses with a history or development of dementia and cognitive damage.

Their assessments revealed that kidney damage is a factor that increases the risk for dementia or cognitive damage, and chronic kidney disease and dementia share several symptoms. For instance, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, along with affecting the brain in similar ways. It is likely that these two illness have similar vascular factors, or perhaps, it is even likely that kidney dysfunction directly effects the brain.

Protein in Urine Linked to Increased Risk of Memory Problems and Dementia
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The study reviewed more than 22 studies, of which five studies evaluated the meta-analysis of protein found in the urine sample of over 27,805 participants. Urine that contains protein is given the name of proteinuria or albuminuria. The results of the study revealed that the individuals who had protein in their urine had a 35% higher risk of developing dementia or cognitive damage as compared to those who didn’t have protein in their urine.

For certain other studies, the results and the estimated glomerular filtration rate did not seem to show any kind of connection. While in some studies regarding kidney function, serum creatinine, cystatin C and creatinine clearance, the researchers failed to conduct a meta-analysis because very few studies were available, and they couldn’t be compared because the methods used were entirely different.

The researchers concluded that the presence of protein in the urine indicates a slight increase in the risk for developing dementia and cognitive damage. However, extensive research is require to further validate the claims that kidney dysfunction is a risk factor and cause of cognitive impairments, or perhaps that both these diseases are caused by the same dysfunction mechanisms.

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