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Kidney Disease and Diet


Kidneys are considered as the most important part of our body. It is very necessary for a person that his kidneys are working in a proper manner if he wants to lead a healthy life. If your kidneys are not working accordingly then a proper treatment is very essential and the treatment includes a proper diet as well which is prescribed by your doctor, the diet should have everything in balance, it should have a proper proportion of sodium, protein, and potassium. If a proper fraction of these nutrients is available in one’s diet then it would be really helpful for the betterment of the kidney diseases.

If you are suffering from any of the kidney diseases then you should recommend a good dietitian nutritionist who can guide you throughout and provides you with the proper diet plan as well. Your dietitian will explain you about the foods which you should include in your diet and how to eat well and manage with the health plan which is really vital for your kidneys and your good health.

You will need a meal plan which fulfills all your body’s needs and that diet chart can be maintained by your dietitian who will consider all your food choices, your lifestyle, and all your special needs.


Protein helps in building, repairing and maintaining every single cell of your body plus it provides energy to the body. When your kidneys are not working properly so they are not able to handle much of protein to fulfill the requirements you need to eat such food which is enriched with carbohydrates and it provides your body with full energy that it needs. So the limited protein which you intake can be used in cells repairing process.

So, your diet plan should have proper coverage of fats, carbohydrates, and fats. The main sources which provide your body with proteins are fish, meat, eggs, beans, poultry, nuts, bread, cereals, seeds, and vegetables.


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