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Just one Cigarette a Day During Pregnancy Can Put your Baby at Risk of Death


One cigarette is all takes to put your baby’s life at risk. Upon examining more than 20 million cases of child birth and more than 19,000 cases of unexpected infant deaths, a research, published in the Pediatrics Journal, reveals that smoking no more than one cigarette a day while being pregnant can double the risk of unexpected and sudden deaths for the baby.

It is increasingly important for pregnant women to stop smoking as soon as they find out about their pregnancy. Research reveals that pregnant mothers who smoked during the first three months before getting pregnant and quit smoking during the first trimester still tend to have almost a 50% greater risk of sudden or unexpected infant death as compared to mothers who do not smoke.

Tobacco while pregnant
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Credit: www.health-zone.org

Sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) cases have been on the rise, and nearly 3500 infants die due to SUID each year. These cases include suffocation, sudden infant death syndrome, strangulation and other unknown reasons that lead to the deaths of babies below the age of 1. However, researchers have highlighted that if women avoid smoking throughout their pregnancy, the increasing rates of SUID can be reduced by a whopping 22%, which will aid in preventing the deaths of nearly 800 babies each year.

It is also important to note that experts and doctors strongly caution pregnant women against assuming that nicotine-delivery gadgets are a safer options. The consumption of nicotine has been associated with the development of an essential brain stem inside the baby. Nicotine is present in vaping gadgets, and thus, they are just as harmful as cigarettes as they deliver nicotine to the body and the baby. Nicotine is extremely dangerous and risks the development of the baby inside the womb.


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