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3 Drinks That Are More Effective Than Lemon Water for Weight Loss


3. Green Tea

Green tea is amazingly devoid of all calories, and it can help you achieve all your weight loss goals by trigger a powerful fat burning process within your body.

A recent study examined the effects of consuming four cups of green every day on a daily basis over the duration of two months. The results revealed that the participants who drank green tea lost six more pounds as opposed to the participants who consumed plain water.

Medical researchers revealed that since green tea contains a powerful combination of caffeine and catechin antioxidants, individuals who consume it regularly tend to have a lesser weight, and a smaller waistline.

Be sure to pick out fresh green tea brews that are devoid of all kinds of additives and excess sugar, and steer clear of store-bought bottled varieties as they have a significantly less concentration of antioxidants, along with packing up a hefty amount of excess sugar.

Furthermore, be sure to avoid unregulated green tea supplements as they contain harmful doses of isolated tea compounds that have ruled out as a common cause for several liver damaging ailments.


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