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3 Drinks That Are More Effective Than Lemon Water for Weight Loss


2. Coffee

Coffee happens to be the most ideal energizing beverage offered by nature, and countless studies have validated the claim that it actually aids the body in burning calories as well.

A recent study revealed that consuming two or three cups of coffee before hitting the gym or starting your workout will not only improve your ability to workout harder and longer, but also, it will trigger a mighty calorie burning process to aid you in losing more weight.

Another study revealed that fitness fanatics and exercisers can easily perform 20% more reps on a leg press machine if they have energized their body with two-three cups of java.

However, you must be sure to only consume it black, and you can even add a tiny amount of a calorie-free stevia extract.

If you prefer your coffee packed with sugar and cream, remember that it will only eliminate the coffee induced workout fueling and strengthening benefits.


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