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3 Drinks That Are More Effective Than Lemon Water for Weight Loss


All those who are gearing up to lose weight and start an effective fat burning regime are always instructed to begin their day with a piping hot cup of lemon-rich water. If you’re one of those people who have religiously adopted this ritual, we have some serious news for you!

Nutritionists and medical experts have validated the fact that lemon water alone isn’t enough to work wonders at burning calories. Truth be told, no beverage, be it diet soda or honey water, cannot help you shed away all your fats and slim up all by itself.

However, there are several brews that, if accompanied with a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, can really help bring about a magical reduction in your weight.

Here, take a look at these brews:

1. Water

Instead of devouring a hot cup of lemon water, treat yourself to some ice cubes. Why? You see, research reveals that cold beverages cause the body to spend greater levels of energy to maintain its preferable temperature, which happens to be 98.6 degrees.

Hence, if you consume three 24-ounce glasses of ice cold water every day, they aid your body in burning 100 calories. If you maintain this regime every single day of the year, you can easily shed off more than 10 pounds in one real.


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