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These “Dirty Dozen” Fruits and Vegetables Are Loaded With Pesticides


The EWG compiled a detailed and highly insightful report that are examining a wide range of tests and experiments conducted by the US Department of Agriculture and analyzed more than 39,000 samples of fruits and vegetables.

The researchers attempted to study six different factors in order to evaluate their rankings, and these including the amounts of pesticides carried by every single fruit and vegetable, along with the total concentration of pesticides.

According to the reports, pesticide ingestion can cause some seriously damaging effects to the pregnant women, infants, toddlers and young children. A recent study conducted by the American Academy of Paediatrics highlights the hazards of pesticide ingestion amongst children and advises to eliminate its consumption through all means possible.

Experts who have speculated and criticized the findings of the EWG report put forward that this study lacks validity and reliability to be generalized to all the produce grown across the country. For instance, this study has not been reviewed by other peers and organizations, and various food experts and researchers have reported that the actual concentration of pesticides in produce is much lesser, and highly unlikely to cause serious effects to health and wellbeing. However, the Dirty Dozen report by EWG rampantly encourages people against the consumption of nutritious vegetables and fruits.

Hence, if you’re read the report and started throwing out fruits and vegetables that you feel are potentially contaminated in attempts to make your produce section more healthy, stop, and relax. According to the report, the fruits and vegetables listed amongst the Dirty Dozen are still a much healthier alternative to processed, packaged and frozen food items.


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