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9 Best Solutions for Knee Pain


9. Platelet-Rich Plasma

Another option that you could probably go for is PRP. In this method, the blood gets removed and then treated before it is injected again into the joint with concentrated proteins called growth factors.

Athletes use platelet rich plasma for sprains and this is clear evidence that it can help you with your knee pain. If a few more studies also show the same, this might go mainstream in the coming years.

Knee pain is very common in old or weak people and you are likely to get affected in old age if you have not been taking proper care earlier. A good diet and proper exercises are necessary at any age as they can prevent you from any such conditions at later stages.

Also, you should get a proper advice regarding the exercises that are suitable for your age and physical condition, to make sure that you are not putting too much weight on your knees. Besides all this, if you experience knee pain, you should always consult your doctor to know that which method is the most suitable one for you.


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