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9 Best Solutions for Knee Pain


7. Injections

You can get injections to relief knee pain too, as they target the right source of the pain. However, you should not take them too often. Corticosteroids can ease knee pain when they are injected directly into the joint, as they reduce inflammation. However, the effect will be temporary.

In fact, doctors usually limit the shots to 3 to 4 times a year as using injections repeatedly can deteriorate your cartilage and can result in other issues as well.

8. Knee Replacement

In extreme conditions, when nothing else works, the patient is suggested to go for knee replacement. In this case, the surgeon resurfaces the ends of the upper and lower leg bones (called femur and tibia) where they meet in the joint. He also replaces the damaged cartilage with plastic and metal implants.

It obviously is a baby/bathwater option for you, but it sometimes becomes necessary as well.


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