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9 Best Solutions for Knee Pain


3. Smart Exercise

Too much weight and exercise can be harmful if your knees are not in a good condition; however, some light exercises are necessary even if you are having pain in your knees. These exercises help build up the muscles that support knee joints.

When it comes to exercise, you have to choose very smartly as some exercises can be helpful in this case while others can create even more problems. Walking, cycling and closed kinematic chain exercises (the exercises where the foot stays planted, for example on an elliptical trainer) are very beneficial and keep the knees working.

However, you should totally avoid running and doing full leg extension exercises with a resistance machine. These can make the condition even worse.

4. Healing Foods

There are a lot of foods that can help you with knee pain; they go straight to your knees and heal the pain. According to one study, drinking one percent of fat free milk helped women put brakes on knee osteoarthritis. Another study shows that people who eat food containing vitamin C are less likely to suffer with osteoarthritis as compared to those who do not.

Try drinking fat free milk and eating foods rich in vitamin C.


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