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$8K per liter: Bizarre New Startup Ready to Sell Youthful Blood to the Rich


Ambrosia, a firm based in Florida is undertaking extensive research to beat the natural process of aging by harvesting youthful blood, and giving patients above the age of 30 expensive transfusions. This has emerged the new anti-aging trend across the US.

This company was established by Jesse Karmazin, a graduate of the Stanford Medical School back in 2016. Ambrosia has already manage to lay down the foundation of its blood transfusion centers in five different cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Omaha and Tampa. These bizarre transfusions come at exuberant rates, costing $8,000 for one liter of young blood, while two liters cost $12,000.

The blood is taken from donors ranging between the ages 16 to 25, and the patients generally tend to be above the age of 30. Reports reveal that Ambrosia has given “young plasma treatments” to around 150 patients, between the ages 35 to 92, and it has announced that a highly coveted waiting list has been established to manage the clientele.

Young blood transfusions
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Ambrosia’s founder reveals that while some patients are given older blood, majority of them seek young blood, and upon conducting statistical analysis, the results proved to be effect. Karmazin said, “And I thought this is the kind of therapy that I’d want to be available to me.”

This idea of transfusing young blood was replicated after the parabiosis, which was an experimental treatment undertaken on a sample of mice. It aided in reducing two proteins that were linked with the risk factors of cancer, however, the study was considered to be non-generalizable and “inconclusive”.

Ambrosia tested this treatment by beginning a clinical trial that lasted from June 2016 until January 2018, and it included 200 participants. The US government’s website on clinical trials does not contain any results published by this study.

David Cavalier, the former chief operating officer of Ambrosia, revealed that the clinical trial were simply conducted to investigate the scope of the treatment, and they revealed some peculiar elements. The data from the study is expected to be published.

Even though there is a lack of substantial empirical evidence, Ambrosia claims that the treatment can bring about several poorly defined health benefits amongst the patients, for instance, renewed focus, better memory and sleep, and improved appearance and muscle tone”. Critics note that it doesn’t take into account the placebo effect, for instance, the fact that a positive confirmation bias is triggered when patients take part in the study and travel to attend the trial.

The Food and Drug Administration categorizes blood transfusions as an “off-label” procedure, which basically indicates that while they have been approved, they are still regarded amongst treatments that are considered unconventional, regardless of their health benefits.

Researchers believe that such treatments can cause severe bodily damage, which why they are largely shunned upon by the healthcare community. It is also one of the primary reasons why blood transfusions are such a rarity. Moreover, statistics reveal that nearly 50% of the patients tend to suffer from adverse effects, especially if you are being infused with a blood that is not a good match for your body.


  1. Better off using your own body with homeopatetic nutrients to boost your own blood. Good red blood cells require not just iron, but vitamin C, B12 etc. Anytime Exogenous things are introduced like this (HGH, HORMONES ) etc, the downfalls appear at some point.


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