7 Types of Bumps and Blemishes You Should Never Try To Pop

7. Whiteheads

What are the white heads? Whitehead is the small pores; contain oil, bacteria, and skin cells. Whitehead blocks the airs or essential substance by the dead skin. They are the tiny swell ball which does not require hands to squeeze them. If you attempt to press in between your two-finger it will burst out and spread to the other part of the body. So using hand to treat them is not a good idea. It also looks ugly and damages your skin.

Clay mask is one of the options to treat Whitehead. Apply the clay will absorb the extra oil and remove the dry skin at the upper layer of the body. Use thin layer of cream. Twice at night, do cleansing at night. Avoid applying sun block they block the air. It can also repair by its own. Your body produces such chemical which fights against the bacteria of Whitehead and stops its growth itself. If you stop or avoid using extra, moisturizer cream or make up this will also help the women to drop the chances that blackheads occur again.

Every girl wants to look pretty and beautiful. They demand flawless and spotless skin. To make their skin perfect they apply or suffer from different skin treatment processes. Naturally, the skin of one person is different from other. Some people have sensitive skin that does not resist such treatment. Some people have the tendency to bear such difficulty or risky treatment.

By applying too much makeup will damage your skin tissues. The cosmetic product carries many harmful or bacteria products. It can damage your skin deep inside. This is the wrong way to treat a pimple with their hands. By squeezing it with both hands will cause redness, swelling and sometimes bleeding.

The diet plan people usually follow, thread to the freshness of the skin. People who eat junk food or spicy food will face serious skin, heath, and infections issues. Without prescription of a dermatologist or any doctor, do not apply or use any medicine. Because every pimple has its own problem. Some are only treating with the time. Some are treating with heavy medication and therapy. Few of them can treat with intensive care and proper medication.

The pimples contain bacteria that will spread from one part to another part, from one person to the other person. Some people sustain or persistently occurring or running in their families for a long time. Medicine contains anti-bacterial agent will act and cure the problem in the given period.

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