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7 Autoimmune Diseases Biotechs are Fighting to Treat


7. Granulomatosis

Granulomatosis is a kind of vasculitis, a term coined to define the inflammation that occurs within the blood vessels, and is used as an umbrella term to account for various rarely-occurring autoimmune disorders and syndromes. Medical science has failed to accumulate much insightful understanding about many of these diseases.

Granulomatosis can trigger fatigue, exhaustion, unaccounted loss of weight and breathlessness. Doctors usually prescribe immunosuppressant medications and corticosteroids, which tend to elevate the risk factors of contracting an infection.

Researchers from Kineta, a US biotech organization, and the University of Groningen are attempting to study a medicine extracted from sea anemones that has revealed positive impacts on the complex symptoms that occur due to granulomatosis. It is expected that this new treatment will provide a healthier substitute for the corticosteroid drugs.

Polyangiitis vasculitis
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A wide number of individuals across the globe are suffering from rarely-occurring autoimmune disorders, and the need to develop innovative and safe new treatments to counter these conditions is essential to improve the lives of these patients. It is imperative to research new methods and therapies that can counter and eliminate the symptoms without inducing the side effects that occur due to currently-practiced therapies and medications.

Majority of the biotech researchers are devoted to the discovery of antibody treatments, however, other technologies, primarily cell therapy, are also providing a safer alternative to eliminate rare autoimmune diseases.


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