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6 Easy Smoothie Breakfast Bowls


Starting the day, full your tummy with breakfast. Breakfast is the thing, which utilized the energy. After having dinner through all night our stomach is empty so it needs enough food to provide energy to the different organs of the body. To perform organ`s functions properly. It also helps in avoiding biological or medical illness.

Replace your heavy breakfast with the healthy items. Protein shakes, fruits, milk, yogurt and other important supplements. Simple make shakes by adding seasonal fruit items in it. However, important is top add seasonal fruits. Preserve fruit are not very beneficial for good health. The natural fruit items are highly enriched with natural nutritional elements.

The most nutritional shakes among all are the banana oatmeal shake. People usually add different fruits according to their flavors. It has just simply blended all the fruits into a jar and pours it. It gives you energy and strength to work properly. Introduce this kind of low calories interested drink in your breakfast.

There are some items, which you can add to your breakfast for better change and keep your health good and better.


Dragon fruit when discovered is known as the papaya fruit. Later on, it named as dragon fruit. Dragon fruit carries vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin-B. To start your day the pink bowl filled with different nutritional elements is the perfect combination. It is unexpectedly filled with vitamin-C. Vitamin-C is used for beauty purpose. It is beneficial for skin cells to grow and protect the skin cell from any infectious attack. It carries 435 of total calories in a bowl. People use it in different ways by adding their favorite fruits and other items in it. It is cactus fruit found in the Central and Southern America.

People add or remove fruits combination according to their wish or taste. People freeze the fruits for making such dishes throughout the year. All the favorite fruits are blended together to make a better item at last. The one thing people have to keep in either mind that the frozen things fruit or vegetables it lost it essential ingredient or nutrients. It does not give any benefit for their health. However, it is the lighter food, good in taste for daily use in breakfast. It keeps the body safe. The dragon fruit is essential for activation of immune systematic cells. It protects the body against the external issues and problem.


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