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5 Things Your Blood Type Says About Your Health


5. Ulcers

H. pylori not only causes cancers, but it has also been found as the underlying cause behind the heightened development of ulcers amongst individuals with blood type O. Researchers believe that this particular blood group is somehow capable of modifying the immunological response of the body towards H. pylori, however, the reason behind this is still unknown.

Experts argue that the association can be explained by the modification that takes place within the immune system of individuals with blood type O.

What is the Solution?

Now that it is clear that your blood group plays a vital role in determining the risk factors of suffering from certain diseases, one also needs to understand that researchers aren’t entirely clear of how big or small this role is.

The only answer to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life is to create a wholesome and well-balanced diet, give your body regular exercise and exertion, and of course, minimize all factors that cause you stress and anxiety.

You can cut down all your risk factors of chronic and mild ailments with essential nutrients and a gruelling fitness regime. However, if you fear the onset of the symptoms of a particular health ailment, be it memory loss or cancer, it is essential to get yourself properly screened and make regular appointments with your doctor to monitor your health.


  1. There seems to be a possible error/mix-up in explanation for #5 Ulcers.

    Whereas there is an elevated risk for #1 to 4 health issues for AB, A and B groups versus type “O”, #5 states that it is the “O” blood group that may have increased risk over other blood types for stomach Ulcers related to H.pylori infection (not the case for S. cancer linked to H.pylori infection in AB, A and B groups).

    Is there also a difference (less or more vulnerability to diseases / cancers ) between O+ve and O-ve types?

  2. “You can cut down all your risk factors of chronic and mild ailments with essential nutrients and a gruelling fitness regime. ”
    NO, JUST DO SPORTS MODERATELLY! Too much sport can shorten your life.

  3. I am O Negative with the Rh Factor. What are my chances of getting cancer or any other ailment or disease?
    Thankyou for a reply
    Davette Armstrong

  4. I also wonder what having an Rh neg blood type can be linked into. I’m an O-,(which has gone from 15% to 7% of the worlds population in just the last 25 yrs) as was my mother, who suffered from breast cancer, high blood pressure, heart attack, and eventually passed on after a recurrence of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer that metastasized to her lungs. I have early onset memory problems, hashimoto’s thyroiditis for the last 17 yrs, high BP, high inflammatory markers, and psoriatic arthritis, as well as anemia, chronic fatigue, muscle aches & pains, etc. Would love some insight into the Rh negative population.

  5. Thanks for this information, really relevant to me. I am of blood type O RH
    ‘D’ Positive. My Genotype is AA. And I’m presently taking drugs for unfirm Ulcer that is giving relief.


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