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3 Best Exercises To Ease Achy Hands


Achy and tight hands can make everyday tasks real difficult than they should be. Taking out the trash bag, typing an email, buttoning up a shirt, or making something to eat, are basically easy tasks but if you have achy hands, you might find them difficult to do.

To find relief and to treat this pain, you need something more than just a hand massage. This is because most of the hand muscles start from the elbows, so just a hand massage is not enough to treat your tender hands, but you also have to work on your forearms and wrists.

Try these 3 easy exercises and you will see the difference in days.

1. Golf Ball Hand Roll

Take a golf ball and place it on the table and press your hand on the top of it. Now, roll the ball in circular motion, start from the bottom of your hand, to the sides, under your thumb, over the bumps of your fingers and then back to the palm. Repeat this exercise 10 times, every time applying more pressure.

It is not too painful then stop the ball under the most achy areas of the hand. After this massage the center of the hand in circles and repeat the process for 10 times. Remember to stop and apply pressure on the tender points and switch hands.


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