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16 Best Foods to Control Diabetes


7. Spinach

This iron-rich leafy green veggie has been scientifically proven to be the most effective superfood to reduce the risk factors that contribute to the development of diabetes.

A recent study attempted to examine the truth behind this claim. The results revealed that individuals who eat more than one serving of spinach and other leafy green veggies every day cut down their risk of diabetes by an impressive 14%.

Spinach is one of the richest sources of vitamin K, along with boosting an incredibly dense profile of countless minerals, such as zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and folate. Spinach also packs up a rich concentration of plant-based chemicals, such as flavonoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin along with heaps of calcium.

Keep in mind that despite being a rich source of calcium, spinach also contains oxalic acid, which prevents the absorption of calcium. However, if you boil your spinach for no more than one minute, you can reduce the effects of this natural compound.

8. Cannellini Beans

These tender and savoury legumes are one of the richest sources of plant-based protein and soluble fiber, which aids in cutting down cholesterol levels.

White cannellini beans are extremely effective, aid in normalizing blood sugar levels to prevent sudden and dramatic spikes.

A recent study attempted to examine the diets of 121 patients with type 2 diabetes, who were given a daily diet of beans or whole grains for a period of three months. The results revealed that those who consumed beans reduced their average blood sugar levels considerably more as compared to the subjects who consumed whole grains.


    • Walk 30 minutes each day, purchase a fitbit that will help track how many steps you have walked, do it each day! Mornings or evenings.

  1. Yes I truly I enjoy reading these newvdeoveries and you know I crushed c-3and c-4 in my back and actually broke T-7 in my back and an entire fortune trying to be normal again stupid I know but I wanted to walk normal so bad and it kills me a little each day having to be here I don’t know why I did I had good money but was stupid I guess I wanted new back o guess but I have degenerative diseases and I guess I have to except it now but I am glad you could help my family out they will love to learn more about helping with their diabetes and what it takes them to get better god bless you sweetie

  2. How about a article of foods that cut Cortisol levels? Adrenal gland releases cortisol when stressed and it builds up over time with all past stresses. Cortisol also causes weight gain. It is the reason stress is a killer it effects all the organs in your body.


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