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16 Best Foods to Control Diabetes


3. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the richest sources of insoluble fiber, which aids in flushing out fats from your blood, along with packing powerful amounts of soluble fiber that promotes healthy blood sugar levels, and keeps the stomach satiated for longer hours.

A recent study attempted to examine the effects of consuming wild blueberry juice for a period of 12 weeks. The results revealed that participants who consumed 2 ½ cups of blueberry juice experienced a marked reduction in their depression symptoms and blood glucose levels along with sharpening their memory.

Researchers believe that berries are incredibly dense sources of anthocyanins, naturally-occurring chemicals that aid in reducing the size of fat cells, along with promoting the release of adiponectin, an essential hormone that regulates several body functions, primarily blood glucose levels. Increased levels of adiponectin can aid the body in normalizing blood sugar levels, and enhancing insulin sensitivity.

Blueberry Yogurt Health Benefits
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4. Steel-cut Oats

Oatmeal are widely recommended as the most effective superfood that aids in reducing and preventing the risk factors of contracting type 2 diabetes.

Steel-cut oats are a powerful source of magnesium, an essential mineral that aids the body in utilizing appropriate levels of glucose and insulin.

A research attempted to study the benefits of regularly consuming whole-grains and magnesium for a period of eight years. The results revealed a 19% reduction in the risk factors of type 2 diabetes amongst women who ate a magnesium-rich diet, and an even impressive 31% reduction amongst women who consumed whole grains.

Steel-cut oats are almost just as easy to prepare as instant oatmeal, but they are far more nutritious with their powerful fiber content, along with other nutrients and antioxidants, which aid easy digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Oatmeal Helps You Lose Weight
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    • Walk 30 minutes each day, purchase a fitbit that will help track how many steps you have walked, do it each day! Mornings or evenings.

  1. Yes I truly I enjoy reading these newvdeoveries and you know I crushed c-3and c-4 in my back and actually broke T-7 in my back and an entire fortune trying to be normal again stupid I know but I wanted to walk normal so bad and it kills me a little each day having to be here I don’t know why I did I had good money but was stupid I guess I wanted new back o guess but I have degenerative diseases and I guess I have to except it now but I am glad you could help my family out they will love to learn more about helping with their diabetes and what it takes them to get better god bless you sweetie

  2. How about a article of foods that cut Cortisol levels? Adrenal gland releases cortisol when stressed and it builds up over time with all past stresses. Cortisol also causes weight gain. It is the reason stress is a killer it effects all the organs in your body.


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