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15 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight


We all want to shed off those nasty extra pounds that keep us from flaunting a lean, healthy and shapely figure. A weight loss regime is only effective if it’s realistic and sustainable, and for that, you need to pack it up with essential nutrients that will keep you satiated, along with satisfying your taste buds.

There are several foods that trigger weight loss, and get widely recommended by nutritionists to individuals who wish to combat obesity.

Here, take a look:

1. Pulses

Dry lentils and beans are the most affordable and nutritious sources of fiber and protein, and they are an essential ingredient for your weight loss regime. They fill you up by satiating your hunger with fibers, without adding any bad fats to your diet. And the best part is, you can toss them into some truly delicious casserole recipes, rice, salads, soups, vegetables and even pastas.

2. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are the best nutrient-rich veggies with extremely low calories, and they are the tastiest when it comes to weight-loss triggering foods. They are brimming with water, and that is what makes them so low in calories. Consuming cucumbers will help you satisfy your cravings for a little crunch to snack on, and its high water content will keep your body well-hydrated.

You can use cucumber for countless dishes, for instance sandwiches, wraps, salads, tortillas, or you can just enjoy with a salsa dip or home-made tomato sauce.

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3. Apples

Apples are loaded with fiber, and they are literally the best fruit to supress your appetite by filling yourself up with healthy nutrients. You must eat it without peeling its skin off, because apple skin is also rich with water, fibers and antioxidants. It’s the perfect snack for weight loss and you must grab it every time you feel hungry during the day.

You see, apples are quite crunchy and that is why, it takes longer to chew and digest them, and this fills you up and supresses your hunger. Filled with heaps of water and fibers, and your hunger is replaced with satiation without consuming a load of calories.

All you need is one medium-sized apple to fill yourself up with a whopping 5 grams of fiber, and less than a 100 calories. Furthermore, adding apples to your weight loss diet would add a great many nutrients that would build your energy while you cut down your meals. Apples are also a great source of several minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin A, B and C.

You can chop up apples to make a salad, an apple tart, a smoothie, or perhaps, just enjoy some sweet apples with a Greek yogurt dip for a crunchy snack.

4. Green Veggies

Leafy green vegetables, such as Swiss chard, kale, spinach, and Brussels sprouts, are packed with fiber, which is an extremely essential nutrient for an effective weight loss diet. You see, dark veggies to your daily diet will fill your body with nutrients, and you can enjoy bigger portions without having to feel guilty about increasing your calorie count. They will fill your body with energy and nutrients, and the results will reveal themselves by enhancing the beauty of your skin and trimming down your waistline.

You can use leafy green veggies to create casserole dishes, pastas, salads, soups, smoothies and a lot more. They make excellent garnishing, or you can just eat them raw with a delicious dip if you feel like having a crunchy snack.

5. Salmon

Salmon is one of the richest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are the most powerful and effective nutrients when it comes to melting fat and triggering weight loss. Furthermore, they also protect the body against diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular ailments.

Salmon is also packed with healthy fats and proteins, so even if you have one little serving of this fatty fish, it will fill you up and keep you satiated for hours. And that’s primarily because protein energizes the body, and it takes a while for the body to digest it.

6. Avocados

Avocados are essential superfoods that are a must-have for any weight loss diet. This creamy fruity delight is packed with minerals, healthy fats and vitamins, and they indulge your taste buds without increasing your calorie count. They trigger weight loss by filling you up, and that supresses unwanted pangs of hunger for hours.

You can add chopped avocados to your salads, smoothies, toasts, bacon, chocolate desserts, cakes guacamole and several other recipes. Also, you can replace those processed jams and spreads with a healthy homemade avocado spread, or you can blend some avocados to create your own nutrient-rich salad dressing.

7. Oats

Oats are the best nutrient-rich food from the whole grain family, and they are your best pick for an affordable and healthy breakfast, which also happens to be extremely easy to make. Oats are packed with proteins and fiber, and all you need is half a cup to fill you up with 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.

Oats are an excellent replacement for your sugar-filled processed cereals that contain heaps of refined carbs. They trigger weight loss because they stabilize the blood sugar levels, energize the body, supress the hunger cravings and since they are digested by the body very slowly, they keep you satiated for hours.

Be sure to pick out steel cut, plain or old-fashioned oats instead of flavoured, sugary or salted varieties because they tend to be loaded with calories due to an excessive salt, sugar and preservative content. If plain old oats seem too unbearable to eat, mix them up with seeds, plain Greek yogurt, mixed nuts, or some berries perhaps.

You can enjoy oats in a smoothie, and you can even add them in several recipes, such as cakes, breads, meatloaf binders, soups, cookies, stews, muffins, granola bars and much more. They can be used to create a thicker and crunchier texture in any dessert recipe.

8. Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the healthiest foods from the chard family, and it is highly effective for weight loss because it contains several natural compounds that supresses huger and fills you up. Even though it hails from the family of spinach, chard and beets, it is cooked and eaten like a grain. And it is one of the rarest plant-based foods with complete protein, which indicates that it contains all the nine essential amino acids.

Packed with heaps of protein and fiber, it satiates your hunger without increasing the calorie count, and the best part is, it’s naturally gluten-free with an unbelievably low fat content.

9. Plain Greek yogurt

If you want to begin your day with a powerful dose of calcium, adopt the habit of eating plain Greek yogurt for breakfast. And the best part is, you can also eat it as a snack, lunch, dessert or dinner because the more the merrier.

It’s truly a star weight loss ingredient and you can use it to satiate all your dip cravings, along with your longings for sour cream and mayonnaise. You can use it to make rich smoothies, salads, fruit dips, and nut toppings amongst so much more.

10. Dark chocolate

Even though the popular belief is that chocolate causes weight gain, you must understand that dark chocolate is never unhealthy, when consumed mindfully. It is a must-have for your weight loss diet to indulge your taste buds and fill you up with essential nutrients. You see, depriving yourself of all the foods you crave is not the wisest way of losing weight because you just won’t be able to maintain consistency. After all, a slice of cake never hurts anyone, right?

Oh but it does. And if you want to reduce the damage, you need to plan it cleverly. Nutritionists believe that there’s nothing wrong with consuming one piece of dark chocolate, or around 20 dark chocolate chips after your lunch or dinner. It will fill you up with antioxidants and flavonoids, and it will satiate your dessert cravings, along with energizing your body after an exhausting day.

However, it’s extremely important to watch your portions because chocolate can be very indulgent and you must watch your calories.

11. Sparkling water

Research reveals that most of the time, we mistake thirst for hunger, because when the body is dehydrated is lacks energy, and instead of drinking some water, we eat something and gain excess weight. Furthermore, drinking sugar sodas and fizzy drinks while you’re dehydrated is also bad, because it doesn’t hydrate the body, and just fills you up with calories.

Sparkling water is your best weight loss beverage because it keeps you hydrated, it’s a great substitute for your favourite sodas, and it’s an effective hunger suppressant.

12. Whole wheat pasta

Who wants to give up pasta, right? Well, you don’t have to give it up if you replace your regular pasta with whole wheat pasta, and we promise you won’t gain an extra ounce. Whole wheat pasta is packed with fiber, which tastes delicious, reduces your hunger and keeps you satiated for a long time. This is a much healthier substitute for regular pasta, and you must make it for your entire family, especially kids.

13. Lean poultry

Lean poultry is essential to add heaps of protein to your weight loss diet, and protein is one nutrients that you need in great abundance if you want to shed of those awful pounds. So, instead of pork or beef, pick out some lean turkey, or skinless chicken breasts. They will brim you up with protein, reduce your bad fat and calorie content, and fill you up for hours to go. And besides, chicken and turkey can used to create some succulently delicious recipes, so it’ll be a treat for your taste buds too.

14. Eggs

Even though the popular belief is that eggs are a bad ingredient for a weight loss diet, there’s ample research that has put such notions to shame. Research validates the fact that eggs are one of the richest sources of protein and healthy fats that fill you up, and stave off your pangs for hunger by keeping you satiated and energetic for a longer period.

Eggs are the ideal breakfast ingredient for your weight loss regime, and don’t just limit yourself to egg whites, enjoy the yolk as well because it is brimming with essential nutrients that will build up your energy and enhance your body’s performance.

15. Nuts

We all experience hunger pangs that are awfully hard to subside, and instead of over-exerting one’s willpower all day, one should always keep healthy little snacks at hands to satiate these cravings. And nuts are your best pick for a quick energy fix that will fill you up and supress your cravings for bad fats.

Research reveals that nuts are brimming with three powerhouse nutrients that are highly effective in controlling and supressing hunger, and these are good fats, protein and fiber. And the best part about nuts is the deliciously crunchy variety one gets to feast on.

Although, almonds are your healthiest choice because despite being high in calories as opposed to the rest, they are essential for your weight loss regime. You see, almonds help in stabilizing blood sugar levels, and it also contains several nutrients that reduce the release of hunger hormones, along with burning fat from the stomach area. They are packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats to fill you up and keep you energetic.

However, be sure to eat no more than one ounce because even good fats contain calories and that can cause weight gain instead of loss.

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