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14 Foods That Are Natural Painkillers for Pain Relief


Nature has provided us with countless foods, herbs and spices which pack up healing nutrients and powerful compounds that aid our body in improving its health and strength. When we fall sick, experience pain and muscle damage after an exhausting workout session, or feel the onset of an agonising cold, instead of taking those potentially harmful antibiotics and painkillers, we need to turn to the natural pain-killing properties of certain foods.

You see, dark leafy green veggies, crunchy nuts, ripe fruits and whole grains that we add to our daily diet don’t just eliminate our hunger and feed our appetite, but in fact, they provide our body a wide host of essential nutrients that are required for regulating bodily processes and monitoring our health.

We always find it easier to pick out pharmaceutical medicines to relieve the pain, but the fact is that these painkillers and antibiotics have certain damaging side-effects, while our food items help cure our body without causing any harm whatsoever.

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If you’re dealing with the symptoms of chronic pain, medicines alone cannot help you eliminate these symptoms. You need to change the pattern of your diet by adding a wide variety of pain-relieving foods to your table. There are countless food items that relieve the symptoms of pain by blocking off pain signals from the nervous system, fighting off inflammation, strengthening muscles and joints and even curing the symptoms of underlying ailments that might be causing the pain.

The best part is, unlike pharmaceutical medicines, these food items don’t require you to pay hundreds of dollars. All you need is a large grocery bag and a creative culinary mind. We’ve listed down 14 immensely beneficial superfoods that boost powerful painkilling properties to help you relieve those awful aches at once.

Here, take a look:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is simply one of the best natural remedies to eliminate the awful symptoms of a heartburn. It is loaded with tartaric acids and certain potent digestive aids that speed up the process of breaking down proteins and fats, which allow the stomach to empty much fastly.

2. Grapes

Research reveals that grapes contain a powerful concentration of nutrients that boost potent pain-killing properties, which aid in relieving the symptoms of back aches. The regular consumption of grapes aid in enhancing the blood flow within the body, which aids in promoting greater healing to eliminate damage suffered by the back tissues.


  1. No disrespect,but chronic pain of the cervical and lumbar area, I use most of these foods and I don’t receive the pain relief you mention. I use oxymorphone in small taper off doses with medical cannabis. That does work and I don’t require there use everyday.

  2. Vegetarian is better food for healthy. Some people have lifestyle with red meat food, it make easy to suspect pain from animal. Fruits and vegetables more better than meat for keeping your healt


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