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13 Heart Failure Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Heart Failure Treatment

Medical science hasn’t found a concrete cure to treat heart failure, however, it can be treated with certain medicines, tests and healthy habits. Doctors prescribe patients a diet that is extremely low in sodium, along with plenty of exercise and healthy, outdoor activities. Patients of heart failure must weight themselves every day in order to ensure their body isn’t retaining any kind of fluid. And they also need to track their consumption of drinkables and eatables in order to make sure they don’t accumulate too much fluid in their body.

There are also certain medications that improve the health of the heart. And patients are also advised to adopt positive activities to manage their stress, along with reducing their intake of caffeine. In certain severe scenarios, the doctors perform a surgery to implant certain devices that help the heart perform its duties effectively.

Tips to Prevent Heart Failure

Heart failure can indeed be preventive, and we can all reduce our risk for contracting this disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating a wholesome diet and getting plenty of exercise each day. Smokers should quit smoking, and those who are obese must take adequate measures to shape up themselves and shed off those extra pounds.

Patients with a damaged heart who are already at a great risk of heart failure are prescribed medications that lower their risk and heal their heart. In such a situation, it is necessary to consult your doctor and alert him/her about every little progress or emergency.

Life After an Episode of Heart Failure

Like all other heart diseases, you can beat heart failure and stop it from reigning over your life by adopting heart-healthy habits and a positive outlook. Be sure to focus on the positive aspects and forget about all the complications that your condition has caused in your life. You need to priorities your health and the well-being of your heart before everything else, and that means you have to quit all unhealthy habits, such as smoking, over-working yourself, drinking and all other activities that are dangerous for your heart.

Remember, there’s nothing a wholesome, well balanced diet, a rigorous work-out regime, adequate rest and a load of positivity can’t fix!


  1. I have got a lot of swelling in my ankles and calf’s, when you push your finger in it leaves a dent, I am taking water tablets, 80 mg of fuseamide but still swallon, what do you suggest.

  2. I think you should have to change your daily chores and lifestyle while doing so…Because living with a hazy lifestyle won’t effect your problem and it will last long…So I think you should have to go for change in your life…and then, observe the changes….The Resulting outcomes will be far better and favourable…


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