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13 Heart Failure Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


What are the Symptoms of Heart Failure?

Symptom # 1: Bouts of Fatigue

When the heart cannot pump blood throughout your body effectively, the brain delegates this task to the minor body parts, such as your limb muscles, which are then responsible for pumping blood to the brain and other key organs. This often deprives your legs and arms of energy and you feel fatigued and exhausted. Tasks as menial as driving across the block or climbing stairs will leave you extremely tired and weak. You feel very light-headed, and unable to perform your routine chores.

Symptom # 2: Rapid Weight Gain or Swelling

When a person is at risk for heart failure, the body tissues begin retaining fluids, and this causes swelling in the abdomen, legs, ankles and feet. This happens because kidneys lack blood to effectively function, and they rendered unable to flush out sodium from the body.

This further causes the tissues to soak up more fluid, and this results in swelling and weight gain. If this sudden weight gain lasts persistently, get an appointment with your doctor at once.

Symptom # 3: Feeling Short of Breath

Shortness of breath is probably the first and most severe symptom of heart failure, and it can happen when your body is active as well as when it is as rest. And once the disease begins to worse, it tends to happen quite often and the pain is agonizing. In certain cases, patients complain of feeling short of breath while they are asleep or resting.

This happens because the heart cannot coordinate with the lungs in order to pump the blood back and forth, oxygenate it and pump it throughout the body. And since the heart is no longer assuming its duties, the lungs get filled up with fluid and this causes shortness of breath.


  1. I have got a lot of swelling in my ankles and calf’s, when you push your finger in it leaves a dent, I am taking water tablets, 80 mg of fuseamide but still swallon, what do you suggest.

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