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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Ever Eat


11. Sugar-Rich Drinks

It’s always better to eat your calories by sneaking in a generous serving of chocolate or ice cream instead of devouring sugary drinks and colas throughout the day. You can also save up these calories for a tall glass of wine at the end of the day.

You see, packaged and processed beverages are completely devoid of essential nutrients and they don’t quench your thirst or satiate your hunger. It’s ideal that you also limit your sugar intake in homemade juices, tea or coffee.

12. Bacon

It’s alright to eat bacon once in a month when you’re eating out at a fancy restaurant or having breakfast with your friends, and a slice bacon somehow ends up in your plate filled with veggies. But devouring bacon on a daily basis is an extremely unhealthy habit as it is packed with heaps of sodium and saturated fat, which makes it an incredibly unhealthy food for your heart and cholesterol levels.

13. Pepperoni

Pepperoni not only tastes funny, but it is nothing more than overly processed meat that is completely devoid of essential nutrients. So, eliminate it from your diet and make your pizzas with a much more nutrient-dense meat and an assortment of fiber-rich veggies.



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