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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Ever Eat


8. Orange Powdered Snacks

Snacks that have a fluorescent orange colour due to heaps of orange powder, mostly the chippy and crunchy processed junk food varieties, not only brim our body with heaps of calories, but more dangerously, the allow countless harmful chemicals to enter our system.

In case you are wondering, orange has nothing to do with their colour for they are made with artificial colour, heaps of salt and harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is important that you can your family, especially kids who are fond of these treats, stay away from these unsafe orange powered snacks.

9. Soda

Sodas contain no nutrients whatsoever, and they are drenched with heaps of sugar so it’s just the same as drinking your candies with every bottle that you consume. Instead, why don’t you fix yourself ice cold juices and smoothies at home?

10. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are unnatural and fake for they don’t pack up a single trace of nutrients. And the worst part is that they taste horribly unlike natural sweeteners.

So, instead of these artificial varieties, why don’t you pick out some nutrient rich natural sweeteners, like organic honey or some decadent dark chocolate shavings?



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