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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Ever Eat


6. Diet Soda

If you believe that consuming diet sodas will help you quench your thirst and shed away those unwanted pounds, you are unbelievably wrong. You see, diet soda drinkers believe that they can enjoy the sweetness of a soda without packing up too many calories and sugar, but the effect is entirely opposite.

Basically, diet sodas increase our sugar cravings and this causes a sharp increase in our caloric intake for the entire day. Diet sodas are brimming with chemicals that don’t aid in reducing or preventing the accumulation of extra pounds and calories.

We strongly advise you to start cutting down your diet soda intake and eliminate it from your diet entirely. If you crave a cold beverage or an energizing kick of caffeine, fix yourself a tall glass of iced coffee or a cup of green iced tea. And if you must enjoy a bubbly fizzy drink, treat yourself to a club soda with a dash of lime juice or a squeezed lemon.

7. Fat-free Dairy Products & Cold Cereals

Steer clear of cold cereals and fat-free dairy products, especially milk. You see, most cold cereal varieties available in the market tend to make false claims of fiber and protein, while they are actually brimming with added sugars and preservatives. They are unable to fill you up and you experience a sugar crash that drives your appetite in less than hour.

Also, most people believe that fat-free dairy products are a better alternative that full fat varieties in order to lose weight. But not only do these fat-free varieties taste terrible, but they also lack the healthy fats that our body receives from regular full-fat dairy products. So, don’t deprive your diet from the deliciousness and beneficial nutrients of fine quality full fat dairy products.



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