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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Ever Eat


Most nutritionists don’t conform people to eliminate all their delicious guilty pleasures, for as long as you eat organic and healthy nutrient-rich produce, there is always room for a decadent chocolate brownie, a slice of cake, candies or cookies, as long as you devour them with mindful moderation.

There are several food varieties that nutritionists and health experts strongly advocate against, especially processed foods and meats, as they are loaded with chemicals and added preservatives. It’s always healthy to have a favourite dish that is indulgent and you can’t seem to eliminate from your diet. And the best part is, each and every recipe in the world can be created with a healthy, nutrient-dense twist as long as you pick out the right ingredients.

Foods to Never Eat
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Image: health-zone.org

We’ve compiled a list of 13 foods that nutritionists never add to their daily diets, and you must also eliminate or limit their use as they don’t contain a single ounce of nutrients.

Here, take a look:

1. Hot Dogs

Nutritionists steer clear of hot dogs, which are basically nothing more than processed and preservative-rich meat that doesn’t contain any protein whatsoever. Swap this unhealthy meal for a handful nuts or half an avocado, both of which will fill you up and keep you satiated for hours.

2. Non-Dairy Creamer

Non-dairy creamers are incredibly unhealthy as they contribute to the risk factors of heart ailments. They do not contain a single trace of nutrients, and they are made with nothing but sugar and preservatives.



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