10 Healthy Foods That Are Secretly Loaded With Salt

Research hasn’t been complete on effects of sodium on health but a myth is usually being spread around that its intake leads to bloating and it’s being consumed in more than needed amount. The secret revealed says that it’s hidden in most unexpected and healthiest of foods. Facts have been recorded of an average amount of daily consumption by Americans to be around 3440 mg. FDA recommends in Guideline of Diets to be 2300 mg, that is, even less than a single teaspoon.

You’ll be amazed to know what Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD and additionally an author of Read It before You Eat It, said that salty foods develop a craving in people to eat more of them by appealing and watering their taste buds. It leads to overeating of all those processed foods devoid of notorious parts like fibers and amino-acids.

Here are 10 foods that contain sodium in high range despite an apparent claim of being healthy; have been listed in this article. #sodiumrichfoods #highsodiumfoods #foodstoavoid
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Image: health-zone.org

What’s the source of sodium that is being consumed by us in huge amount? Processed foods that isn’t prepared at home. 75% of our sodium consumption occurs through them. Pickles are obviously stuffed with sodium but few other stealthy foods that contain sodium in high range despite an apparent claim of being healthy have been listed down here:

1. Bread and Pastries

Unexpectedly yet factually bread as well as pastry is rich sources of Na (sodium). It’s a necessary part of average American diets and surprisingly only a bagel contains 450 mg sodium, reveals Taub-Dix. It increases with varieties in pastries.

Salty Replacement:

Sodium and other mineral contents are mentioned on labels along with their quantity, so they need to be checked for nutritious foods even if it is salty. Whole grain bread with about 200 mg sodium per slice is reasonable and can help you limit excessive sodium intake.

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